Thursday, March 3, 2011

Da Who?!

Da Who?!

There was this party last weekend. Upper Eastsiders went there to celebrate the birthdays of 4 special children.. I mean special people (B, E, J and A). The food was great! The pink balloons were cool! The cakes were so yummy! The tequilla was superb! and most of all, the most intiguing part is the "churvaness" of the 2 people.. weeeee!!!!

Of course, everyone was drunk except me.. hahaha (*evil laugh). That lousy tequilla (or was it really lousy? ) made that day so colorful and bright. I had a couple of shots which made me a little tipsy. I even cooked creamy carbonara for the Upper Eastsiders which they all loved! (S.. i know you'll be the first to react. I saw you ate a plateful of it so don't u palag nalang. ok? hehehe) But hey, this blog isn't about me or S! This is about R and B... eng... eng... eng...

These 2 lovely people obviously like each other. Correct? Correct?.. Korek! R's eyes are sparkling when looking at B. (shodi suko dhai kay char ra ni na blog. hehehe ) B's eyes are small and sometimes big. (:D) Seriously, B is very caring to R.

Back to the party... Again, everyone was drunk except me! R and B (donner un bisous) each other.
(no googling pls...) Sorry to N Valerie, you just missed 1/8 of your life by not seeing the (donner un bisous) of R and B. Till next time N Valerie, I'll text you.. hehehe..

I notice that this blog isn't making any sense, Let me end this by asking.. "Da who is inlove, Da Who is confuse?". Till next time...

Magcalls sah ko...



  1. B's eyes are small and sometimes big.
    >> naa diay ingon ana? hehehe